Apple has a very extensive social media policy that guidelines an employees social media usage. What I like most about the policy is that it encourages employees to follow it, but it also encourages all people who use social media to take these points into consideration, stressing the importance of an appropriate online image that potential employers will see. I like that it encourages its employees to keep the secret lives of their employees out of the workplace because that would eliminate drama and arguments between workers. What I like about the privacy portion of the social media policy is that it includes customers as well, which makes it all encompassing. They also state that they want their employees to not write on social media on behalf of the company, which I can understand because it can conflict with company messages, but I also think that it prohibits employees from speaking freely. Lastly, what I don’t like about the policy is that it mentions all the rules, but it doesn’t have a plan if the rules are broken. They are thinking more about what is in their control, rather than what is not in their control.


What I like about Nike’s social media policy is that it states that if an employee wants to use social media to discuss the company, he or she can get it approved through the communications department. This encourages employee interaction with the company online. However, they state boundaries with this, such as not giving out company secrets or stating any information that can threaten the company legally. It also gives tips on how to post about the company online, like be discrete, be clear, be lawful and be respectful. Another good concept of their policy is that it allows its employees to use social media on the job as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work. Overall, the policy was very direct and concise. I didn’t see a problem with it, other than adding items about how to handle situations if rules are broken.

Chicago Public Schools

I think CPS has a great Social Media Toolkit. It gives guidelines for how a school should run its social media including: a school’s principal is the only person who can authorize a school’s social media presence; the principal is ultimately responsible for the school’s social media content and maintenance; and that the principal has to be mindful of social media posts. Then, it gives great tips on how to handle the usage of social media and what to consider before making posts. The page includes videos and tutorials that speak clearly to someone who is just learning about social media.